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  The company main profile is manufacturing of traumatology and orthopaedic implants and instruments, mainly focusing on the spine region. These products inherently require special production technology and extreme precision. The high quality production is guaranteed by the continuous development,  world-class TORNOS machines and the most advanced 3D engineering program. 

Following the foundation in 2000 Mediox made developments and gain experience in the field of traumatology and orthopaedic implant design and production, and in 2009 successfully introduced ISO 13485 quality management system and received the CE mark for medical implants.

During the previous years Mediox purchased several CNC machines to raise the production capacity, and due to the lack of spaces moved to a new building in 2014. The new modern factory gave Mediox huge growth potential.

Mediox is managing its production processes according to ISO 13485 standard, which were audited by the widely recognized Hungarian notified body EMKI. All our products fulfil the requirements of 93/42 EEC Medical Device (CE) Directive. Our main priority is to keep up the high quality production, therefore we applied 100% control mechanism.

According to our philosophy we are always implementing our customer feedback into our quality management system, to keep all our clients satisfied.

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