MEDIOX Spine System

CTS System
Anterior Cervical Plate
Open Door Plate
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Trauma systems

ARES Locking Plate System
Cannulated Screws
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CTS Spine System

Cancellous screw thread

Cortical screw thread


Double lead thread

Cylindrical shape

Conical inner core

Self-tapping design

Open Door Cervical Plate System

Pre-cut, and pre-contoured plate design

Laminar shelf of plate allows for easy fixation to lamina

Multiple screw hole options for flexibility in screw placement 

Hinge Plate designed to secure a floppy or displaced hinge

Mediox Open Door Plate family

Anterior cervical spine plate

Easy locking mechanism

Ergonomic plate desing for smaller sof tissue irritation

Angle stable and varibale angle screws

MEDIOX Cage Systems
LETO - Intramedullary nail system

Radius and Ulna



Proximal Femur

ARES - Cannulated Screws

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Straight Open Door Plate